About Us

– About Us –

We create Augmented Reality solutions for clients and businesses. We are based out of the Atlanta Tech Village and have been very successful in helping brands succeed in engaging their users.

Entertainment & Sporting Events

Menta AR uses augmented reality to help bring your promotional items alive for sporting events, tickets, credentials, music artists, apparel and more!

Brand Activation and Engagement

New technologies like smart phones, AR, QR codes, and social media are currently using Menta AR to spark new life into traditional promotional products, giving marketers exciting new ways to make their messages more memorable


Learning can go beyond just reading and writing. Menta AR is now being used to help educate many different students in a more creative and interactive way along with making it very accessible. Industrial AR, Healthcare or hospitals, car education and manufacturing plants have all used AR to train employees and customers. Putting students in a real life training situation with no consequences can boost confidence, increase engagement and make a more explorable learning experience.

Menta AR utilizes the best tools to deliver an authentic experience for both iOS & Android